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AVPreserve is a data management consulting and software development firm focused on leveraging a deep understanding of technology, information, business, and people to advance the ways in which data is used for the benefit of individuals, organizations, and causes.

Our team consists of internationally recognized experts with years of experience working with academic, media and entertainment, government, museum, broadcast, and corporate organizations.

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Expertise: Audiovisual preservation and digitization; Archival appraisal; Archival standards; Budgeting and financial planning; Digitalization / Digital program development; Disaster preparedness; Electronic records management; Facilities planning and development; Policy development; Preservation; Software applications; Strategic planning
Madison, WI

An archivist for over 30 years, Michele Pacifico has specialized in archival facilities since 1987.  She has managed the largest archival facility design and construction project in the world, NARA's Archives II. An archival consultant since 2000, Pacifico has worked on a variety of archives, special collections, and records center projects and assists clients in all aspects of archival policy and planning, including proposals, assessments, collections surveys, feasibility studies, programming, design, construction, and post occupancy reviews. 

As co-chair of the Society of American Archivists' Technical Subcommittee on Archival Facility Guidelines she continues to research and...

Expertise: Facilities planning and development
Contact Name: Michele F. Pacifico
Jackson, WY


Tawny Ryan Nelb uses 37+ years of archival experience (27+ years as a consultant) including work at Yale University and the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library to provide needs assessment analyses for collections and archival programs, facilities planning and development, preservation management and assessment, oral histories, disaster planning, personal archivist services, processing plans and implementation, archival policies and procedure preparation, long term planning, staff training and recruitment, grant writing, and historical research and writing to her clients.  She is the author of...

Expertise: Archival appraisal; Archival program evaluation; Disaster preparedness; Facilities planning and development; Fundraising and grant writing; Management and administration; Oral history planning and implementation; Policy development; Preservation; Staff training and recruitment
Contact Name: Tawny Ryan Nelb
Midland, MI

An archivist, librarian, and preservation administrator for over thirty-five  years, Gregor Trinkaus-Randall has worked with archives, libraries, museums, and municipal buildings in addressing preservation and security concerns since 1981. For the past twenty-seven years, he has developed and administered the Massachusetts’ statewide preservation program for libraries and archives. He served as the Co-Chair of COSTEP MA (Coordinated Statewide Emergency Preparedness) for cultural heritage organizations in Massachusetts.


Expertise: Archival and Library Security; Digitization Planning; Grant Writing; Preservation policy and procedures development; Preservation Training; Archival appraisal; Archival program evaluation; Disaster preparedness; Facilities planning and development; Policy development; Preservation; Strategic planning
Contact Name: Gregor Trinkaus-Randall
Stow, MA

The Winthrop Group was founded in 1982 in Cambridge, Massachusetts and has worked with more than 250 clients located in more than 25 states and 10 countries in addition to the U.S.  Represented among the clients are Fortune 100 corporations and privately held companies, NGO’s, foundations, a range of non-profit and cultural organizations, educational institutions, municipal governments, private families, politicians, and well known individuals in the arts.  The firm’s Information & Archival Services (I&AS) Division, which was formed in 1979 as a private consulting practice rooted in corporate and organization archives, joined Winthrop’s Histories & Consulting in 1989 to...

Expertise: Archival program evaluation; Arrangement and description; Budgeting and financial planning; Digitalization / Digital program development; Facilities planning and development; Finding aids; Records survey planning and implementation; Staff training and recruitment; Staffing and implementation; Strategic planning
Contact Name: Linda Edgerly
New York, NY