New Mexican Law Threatens Access to Information, Censorship in Archives

by George Apodaca (Harvard University) and Ana Rodriguez (University of Florida)
Co-chairs, Latin American and Caribbean Cultural Heritage (LACCHA) Section 


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Issue Brief: Federal Grant Funding for Archives

SAA Position

The Society of American Archivists encourages and supports robust federal funding for grants to archival programs to ensure that the historical record of our collective human experience is preserved and accessible for use by the American public, including teachers and students, scholars, scientists, family historians, the business community, and governments themselves.

Issue Brief: Declassification of Federal Records

SAA Position

The federal government should strive for the greatest possible openness when declassifying national security information, including when applying the automatic declassification provisions detailed in Executive Order 13526 (“Classified National Security Information Memorandum,” December 29, 2009). When an automatic classification event has occurred, the duration of classification should be extended only under extraordinary and limited circumstances.